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Who is John Cotter?

John has been an advocate, trainer and practitioner of leadership support for almost 30 years.

His long-term partnerships across Australia and Asia have helped thousands of leaders to work sustainably, effectively, joyfully and faithfully in challenging contexts.

His work also helps organisations clarify their identity, maintain their soul, align to core values and transform their culture.

Based in NSW Australia, John has established Align as a ministry platform through which he supports leaders locally and globally.

John is a member of the Australian Christian Mentoring Network (ACMN) and the Australian Association Of Supervisors (AAOS). He is a Chaplaincy Australia Supervisor and is recognised by NSW Sports Chaplaincy.
He has an MDiv (SMBC) and is fluent in Mandarin.

what others say


Bible College Lecturer

John possesses humility/hospitality of person. It’s hard to find a word that describes it, but John makes space for those he counsels and gives them a voice that is not able to be heard elsewhere. He is perceptive and able to see how small stories fit into a meta-narrative. I like John’s lack of ‘shiny’ solutions. I feel I am taken seriously as a human within the human condition. John has helped me to see connections between what I had hoped for in my career / calling and what is actually happening. This ended up being very encouraging, though this was the very thing I had been discouraged about.

Gai Carmen

Financial Counselor

John listens and balances the conversation. Working with him has given me perspective and helped me reflect. Supervision is the key to stay in the game, burnout would be the results if supervision is NOT apart of the work strategies.

Glenn Coombs

Scripture Union Australia/International

John is a great listener, with a great heart for God and people. He is committed to seeing people flourish in life, work and relationships, therefore I would recommend John to anyone who is interested in gaining insight into who they are, how they relate, what are their gifts and blind-spots with someone who is professional, friendly and safe.

Marina Lytle

School Director
Kunming International Academy, China

John is an encourager who listens well and speaks needed truth with grace, so it is easy to accept. My staff and I have grown in many ways due to John’s work. Individuals who are struggling with discouragement, culture conflict, work environment tension, and negativity, would benefit from having John’s support. In addition, leaders who need to implement change or gain employee trust would also benefit from his support. Another area his support would be helpful for is team building. John helped with team building among my staff, he helped me to balance transparency while maintaining confidentiality, and to re-frame things so I don’t take them in a personal or defensive way.

Jesse Chen

Church Pastor
Sydney, NSW

John给我最深的印象就是他的柔和、谦卑和很强的同理心. 他能理解不同文化背景下的牧者和同工们在教会服事和家庭生活中遇到的不同困难, 纠结甚至是伤害,并用圣经的原则和爱的方式,加以鼓励和引导,从而把人再带回到上帝面前,最终满有信心并带着喜乐重新启航.