Pastoral Supervision FAQ’s

Regular sessions with someone trained and gifted in helping you to reflect on the personal and professional issues that you don’t normally have the time, context or safety to talk or think about in depth -but really need to.

One reason Supervision exists is because of a dilemma most of us face at work. Work cultures generally make it hard to admit or be told that we are weak, incompetent, or wrong -even when we are. The predicament we face is that even if we want to courageously grapple with these issues, there is no time or positive professional context in which to do so. As a result, real opportunities to be renewed, to grow, to learn, to be realigned are missed and we and our organisations suffer. Professional Pastoral Supervision is a very effective response to this dilemma. The  safe structured relationship and process that it provides helps transform our past experience of frailty, limits and mistakes into a healthier and better work future for everyone. 

PASTORAL SUPERVISION IS FOR leaders who recognise that in order lead well, long and faithfully, they need regular connection with someone who is safe, caring, professional and outside their world.
MY CLIENTS INCLUDE : pastors/ministers, church workers, church planters,  supervisors, chaplains (school-army-sports), cross-cultural workers,  bible college faculty, teachers, principals, para-church workers, NGO and Charity staff, businessmen, doctors and other health care workers.

Standard rate per session (1hr) is $125. The goal is to meet 9-10 times per year (every 4-6 weeks).
Ideally the cost is fully or at least partially covered by your employer or supporters. However if finance is a genuine obstacle to receiving support let me know and we will find a way forward.

First step: Use the calendar on the home page to book in a free online introductory session with me. Or send me an email. Alternatively you can click here or here for information on other recognised pastoral supervisors.